Audit Committee

The Audit committee consists of Tommy Marklund, Chairman of the committee, and board member Jan-Eric Österlund.

The primary purpose of the Committee is to oversee Isofol Medical’s accounting and financial reporting processes and the audit of the financial statements.

The audit committee has the following key responsibilities:

  • Oversee Isofol Medical’s financial reporting for compliance with policies applicable for companies whose shares have been admitted to trading on a regulated market
  • Keep itself informed regarding the audit of the annual report;
  • Through contacts with Isofol Medical’s auditor or otherwise keep itself informed of changes in applicable accounting and reporting rules and standards and other relevant procedures and discuss with the auditor how such changes will affect the company
  • Be responsible for establishing procedures to enable the audit committee to report to the board of directors an assessment of the company’s internal controls over its financial reporting;
  • Review and monitor the impartiality and neutrality of the auditor
  • Assist the nomination committee in its work to prepare a nomination of external auditor for election at the annual general meeting and a proposal regarding remuneration to the external auditor.
  • Regularly meet with the external auditor to understand the extent and focus of the audit and to discuss coordination between external audit and internal review procedures and assessment of risks